What’s With All These Vacuum Sealer Twitter Accounts?

Since I started my food blog I’ve followed a lot of people on Twitter who write and tweet about food. I’ve seen many different types of Twitter accounts. You have the genuine food blogger who posts links to his or her blog posts and makes the odd food related tweet or retweet. You have the accounts that are only trying to get clicks and traffic by any means possible and send what are likely automated tweets and retweets every hour of every day. And then you have people who are promoting vacuum sealers.

It is amazing the sheer number of Twitter accounts whose sole purpose is to promote the sale of vacuum sealers. I must have seen several hundred of them. You know how many I’ve seen focused on promoting a brand of blender? Zero. Food processors? Zero.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve seen any account that focuses on promoting a third party product other than vacuum sealers.

This makes absolutely no sense. I mean, I get the concept that some company could offer someone with a few thousand followers on Twitter to promote their product, but it makes no sense that only one food based product would be doing it and have such a wide presence. If that sort of marketing makes sense, then why aren’t I seeing any accounts that promote frying pans or juicers? This type of marketing appears to be solely for vacuum sealers. Perhaps it works on some people, but I would eat my weight in tofu before I would ever consider buying a vacuum sealer I saw on some Twitter account.