Top 5 Potato Chips for Snow Days

  1. Miss Vickie’s Original Recipe

If you want to stay inside on a snow day and binge on chips there is nothing better than plain, salted, kettle cooked chips. They are thick and crunchy and don’t turn to dust in the bottom of the bag, and most importantly, they are not so loaded with artificial flavourings that you will feel (quite so) sick after an afternoon of eating them.

  1. Lays Roast Chicken

Everyone loves roast chicken and chips, so roast chicken flavoured potato chips was the most obvious flavour combination ever. These are heavily salted so you should always have one six pack of beer available per family size bag.

  1. Ruffles Loaded Potato Skins

This is a hidden gem of a potato chip. The only reason this chip isn’t more popular is its poorly designed bag; on first glance they look almost exactly like sour cream and bacon.

  1. Pringles Jalapeño

This is the perfect chip for parents who hate having their small children swipe all the chips on snow days. You can a bowl of these on the table while you shovel the driveway for an hour and you won’t lose a chip. Kids can’t handle the heat of these things until they reach 13 or so, at which point all bets are off.

  1. Dill Pickle

This is the potato chip connoisseur’s chip. If you are picking up chips for a group then you might want to stick with one the selections above, but if you are entertaining those with sophisticated potato chip tastes, this is the way to go. Its intense flavours need to be savoured and eaten in small batches rather than binging.