The Anti-Mayonnaise Activists Are Becoming Emboldened

Mayonnaise is one of the world’s greatest condiments. It goes perfectly with almost any sandwich, goes great with burgers, and if you are feeling sophisticated, can be easily mixed with garlic to make aioli sauce. Every burger joint and sandwich shop goes through gallons of the stuff every day, yet if you listen to some people on Twitter you would think that it was some disgusting sludge with which unsophisticated gluttons desecrate their food.

Everyone who has ever worked in an offices knows of that one person who hates mayo and always requests that whenever sandwiches are being ordered for a working lunch that there be some sandwiches ordered without mayonnaise. For most of human history the common practice was to tell such people to pack their own lunch if they want to be so picky. The person would then be forced sit starving at the end of the table gnawing on carrot and celery sticks and feeling like an outcast. Everything worked perfectly until the Internet and social media came along.

Now that we live in an age where several billion people have access to social media, it is now possible for people with even the most extreme views, be it justifying terror attacks on civilians or hating mayonnaise, to easily find thousands of people who agree with them. Now that the anti-mayo crowd are connecting with likeminded culinary deviants they are becoming emboldened and have started conscripting the anti-egg yolk crowd into their cause even though most anti-mayo crusaders eat eggs with yolks all the time.

Part of me thinks that it is best to just ignore these fringe lunatics and take comfort in the fact that mayonnaise is as ubiquitous as it has ever been, but as recent events have shown, a lunatic fringe left unchecked can spiral out of control with disastrous consequences. It is time for the silent pro-mayo majority to find its voice and start standing up to the anti-mayos before their movement reaches a critical mass.