You Don’t Need a Rice Cooker

The other day I saw an ad in a flier for a sale on rice cookers. 50% off. Most things that are truly 50% off are good deals. If a rice cooker was 100% off it wouldn’t be a good deal. The only way you should take a rice cooker into your home is if the rice cooker manufacturer pays you rent. You already have a rice cooker in your house. It’s called a pot.

Making rice is easy. You put rice in a pot, add water, put the lid on it, turn the stove on medium wait a little bit and then you have tasty, ready to eat rice. I have never bothered to investigate the features of a rice maker just as I wouldn’t spend any time learning about a toast buttering machine.

Most kitchens are too cluttered with too many unnecessary tools. If you want to make your life easier in the kitchen you need start getting rid of things you already have, not adding more useless clutter. Rather than adding a useless rice cooker, throw away that electric can opener taking up counter space, then give away your knife block and buy yourself a single good chef knife.

If you make kitchen appliances and want to grow your business, the way you do that is by convincing consumers they need more types of kitchen appliances. There isn’t a lot of money to be made in simplifying kitchens. The next time you are tempted to buy some new gadget like a rice cooker, look at all of the kitchen tools and appliances you already own and ask yourself how many of them actually use.