Don’t Serve Chilli to Your Guests This Christmas

Everyone seems to like making chilli at Christmas. If you are having a crowd of people over for a party during the holiday season you should keep in mind that no matter how great your chilli recipe is, they really wish you hadn’t made it. Absolutely nobody wants to eat anything that requires cutlery or plates at a crowded party.

If you are having some people over for dinner, feel free to serve chilli with some nice fresh bread and whipped butter. I’m sure they will love it. But if you have a crowd of people over for drinks, nobody is going to want to try to drink beer and eat a bowl full of chilli at the same time and then have to locate the garbage can. They just want to grab the occasional potato chip or sausage roll with their non-drinking hand. It is bad enough that you have to hold a bowl and a spoon/fork for an extended period of time, but if you are going to properly eat chilli than you will need roll to go with it. Since humans are only equipped with two hands, one of which needs to hold your beer, eating chilli at a party quickly becomes a logistical nightmare.

Make life easy on your guests. Serve them snacks that can be eaten with one hand does not leave anything to be disposed of, be it bowls or bones. That’s right, no chicken wings either. If you want to impress your guests with homemade appetizers, try serving something like quesadillas, chicken strips, or a good old nacho dip. And even if you like impressing guests with you cooking skills, even your most ardent foodie guests will be quite disappointed if you do not have a few bowls of store bought kettle cooked potato chips lying around.