Stop Putting Bacon on Everything

Bacon wrapped everything is awful. Bacon wrapped scallops, bacon wrapped pork loin, bacon wrapped chicken, bacon on pizza; all terrible. Bacon isn’t like eggs; you can’t poach it, boil it, or bake it, so why on earth would anyone think it makes sense to put it in an oven? It’s like steaming a T-bone steak.

I love bacon and take pride in cooking it properly; not too crispy but no pieces of raw fat either. When you cook the bacon in a frying pan and the fat renders out and then helps cook the strips of bacon evenly. When you wrap bacon around something and bake it in an oven there is no such effect and you end up with a pile of disgusting half raw bacon fat.

Wrapping something in bacon is essentially just a way of saying that you either don’t know how to add flavour to a chicken breast or scallop or are not interested in making the effort. If you really want to add some flavour to something using some salty and flavourful meat then use something thin that cooks quickly like prosciutto. Or you could just google “scallop recipe” and pick one that doesn’t involve bacon.

Though wrapping things in bacon is the worst misuse of bacon, putting bacon on pizza is not far behind. Even in the hottest of pizza ovens the bacon will still be half raw. There is absolutely no reason why you would ever need to put bacon on a pizza. If you want a salty meat on your pizza just use pepperoni or ham.

Bacon is meant to be eaten at breakfast with eggs and toast. If you want to be adventurous and use it outside of breakfast than make yourself a BLT or club sandwich. If you ever feel tempted to use bacon for anything else than stop what you’re doing and go buy yourself a cookbook.